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BELIEVE IT OR NOT- BY RIPLEY Yy-Ai.;:- jjffiftffl fX . . . a PER FOREST DOES NOT COUTAiM Any TREES OR -SHRUBa - NOR DOES T NECESSAKILV CONTAIN DEER, ' ' , , ARE WARMER THAfJ ) T H toS-- S r J f one Thick shirt 1 SJWr JT 3 -Because 01 the v -A 17 mi&izs. tUJU. rt - WAS SHOD VATM HORSESHOES (ByCtdesYot France) and wore them years i A SPARK FROM A BlACKSMlTHlS AMVIL IGNITED A CIGARE.TTE IN THE MOUW OF A BsTANPER 10 FEET AWAY Jim GiltnoTe BkikSmtlh THIS GRMESToME IMSHftKKlU.Ehg. Tells the truTij 2-1 WaBiteir Wnncheil WORLD FAMOUS COLUMNIST On Broadway Fadeout You claim that you're a trifle bored with me, My mannerisms get into your hair; 1 It's quite a simple matter to foresee . The curtain ringing down on our affair. I lasted for a fleeting month or two A novelty that quickly lost its lure, But now you criticize each thing I do And find me very trying to endure. Well, time is up, and I'll be on my way; I'll take some poignant memories along And doubtless find another girl to play Love's little game among the teeming throng; I hope your newest love won't prove a curse And as for me I, can't do any worse! Don Wahn. Man Ribber Mr. Ben Robeitixn, Jr., of a rag. Interviewed Dr. Rossi-ter Johnson, described as a person "reporters are afraid to see." is 91, and, for 60 years, according to the reporter, has been foremost guardian or tne torm written English. Since Dr. is an authority on style form, he was asked what he of Ernest Hemingway's influence on young writers. There no answer. "Whnt," queried the. veicspaprr "of the influence of Walter tor Rosenblatt choir is being ignored. They will not retract it." For all I know, perhaps Eddie Cantor's real last name Is Rosenblatt. Romance? Another reason why the local night places are stale and empty is that they haven't tried to arouse the interest of the bored-wit h-the-usnal-rou tine customers. The average night club offers a group of undraped girls, a master of ceremonies who feels as old as his latest gag and a high fee for nothing. FX FLA NATION OF LAST RIPLEY CARTOON A Donkey Refused to Eat Grass Sixteen donkeys that were taken underground into the workings of the Pikeview, Colo., coal mines have not seen daylight for the last twelve years. Recently one of the donkeys was brought to the surface, and it was found he had forgotten that grass was good food. A cow was pastured with the donkey in order to teach him that growing grass was good to eat. Francis Seldon Wa9 Imprisoned in the llastile for 60 Years In 1674, Francis Seldon of Ireland, 9, and heir to one of the largest fortunes in Europe, was a student at the Jesuit college of Clermont in Paris. When, after the king's visit, the Jesuit Fathers decided to change the name of the school to that of King Louis the Great, the boy commented on the change by a play of words, alluding to the king's baldness. Thereupon he was promptly denounced to the king and a royal "lettre de cachet" was issued for the child's commitment to the bastile. Riquelet, the Jesuit confessor of the bastile, finally contrived to free the unfortunate prisoner, not, however, without stipulating that the tremendous fortune of the Sheldon's be placed under the tutelage of the Jesuit order. (ienderally The vagaries of the gender of German nouns are demonstrated in the long German statement in my drawing. The German words for "letter," "sheet," "envelope," and "head" are masculine; "love," "pen," "ink," "address" and "hand" are of feminine gender; while "girl," "paper" and "heart" are neuter ("sachlich").

Clipped from
  1. Des Moines Tribune,
  2. 04 Feb 1931, Wed,
  3. Page 8

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