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A n o V) (jJI lj)mJ j DES MOINES, IOWA DECEMBER 11, 1938 SECTION 10. MHnjHRn mam JF0LIL0WS SWEDE The late Warner Oland was born in Umea, Sweden, but his "Charlie Chan" roles convinced even the Chinese that he was oriental. Now it's up to a Missourian to please the Chinese and the world at large in the character of the shrewd, kindly, slant-eyed slant-eyed slant-eyed detective. Sidney Toler, selected by 20th-Century-Fox 20th-Century-Fox 20th-Century-Fox 20th-Century-Fox 20th-Century-Fox from 35 candidates for the role, rises from relative obscurity to full-fledged full-fledged full-fledged stardom. Quick Click To stay there, he must click in the first picture of the new series, "Charlie Chan in Honolulu." Precedent is against him. Not counting the Honolulu film, 18 Chan pictures have been produced. Warner Oland starred in 17 of them. Can you remember who starred in the other one? That will give you an idea of how closely Oland and Chan were associated in the minds of the fans. It means that Sidney Toler has bitten off quite a chew a quid that might baffle even a Missouri man! Veterans of the Stage The background of the new Chan resembles that of the old one in some respects. respects. Both were stage veterans when they came to Hollywood. (Oland was trained in the Shakespearean school while Toler was actually lifted from a seat in the front row to a part in Julia Marlowe's "When Knighthood Was in Flower"). Flower"). Both started their film careers as villains. And both had oriental roles before assaying the Chan character . . . Oland as "Fu Manchu" and Toler in "King of Chinatown." Toler shares the Oland faculty for becoming'Mr. Chan with very little makeup. makeup. A little touch around the eyes, a spot of gray in his hair, a bit of black over and under his lips Clap hands ! Here comes Charlie ! It's Chan Who Pays Clap hands? Why not? A successful Charlie Chan can be a pretty substantial substantial man in Hollywood's world of make believe. Sidney Toler can well afford to shrug his shoulders at the risks and difficulties difficulties presented by his new character. Charlie Chan earned $90,000 for Warner Oland in 1936. Who wouldn't take a risk for a prize like that? lift: ftWT v- v- ft ' f aVv.- aVv.- y! m . X Sidney Toler, as he appears in "Charlie Chan in Honolulu."' THE LATE WARNER OLAND was at the height of his "Charlie Chan" fame when this picture was taken. So successful was Swedish Mr. Oland in oriental roles that many Chinese accepted him as a compatriot. On one occasion, Chinese fans addressing him in their native tongue were cijmfounded to hear him call for an interpreter. TWO SCREEN SONS, little Layne Tom, jr., and Keye Luke, were associated with the late Warner Oland in his "Chan" pictures. Above, "Charlie" is shown teaching Keye some of the intricacies qf detective work. SIDNEY TOLER conducts a class in sleight-of-hand sleight-of-hand sleight-of-hand sleight-of-hand sleight-of-hand for his screen sons, small Layne Tom, jr., (a holdover from the Oland series) and Sen Yung, successor to Keye Luke. "Charlie Chan in Honolulu" brings the suave detective back to his old beat after assignments in the world at large.

Clipped from The Des Moines Register11 Dec 1938, SunPage 54

The Des Moines Register (Des Moines, Iowa)11 Dec 1938, SunPage 54
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